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Kundalini Upgrade

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

I have upgraded my kundalini :D quite literally.

I went through a Kundalini awakening when I was 19. Just over 8 years ago now. I didn’t know what was happening to me, I thought I was dying for some time, the awakening so physical. I was literally shaken awake.

I didn’t know what the chakras were at the time let alone the Kundalini. All I knew is what I saw I recognised on an innate level from beyond this life time and that a door I had been searching for my whole life had finally been opened. For the first time in my life, although I didn’t know what was happening, I felt a deep sense of familiarity and as though I was coming home. A pure ecstasy was awakened within me, that even to this day elevates me through simply remembering those early days of awakening, pure bliss. I had been in such darkness and the suddenly awakened to such light.

My kundalini was not awakened in the traditional way taught by the ancient yogic traditions. I have worked with the kundalini in other life times, so it was my Dharma… or even karma to awaken in the way that I did. This is why I was able to handle what happened to me, where after my Kundalini awakening angels began communicating with me and guided me along the path of self healing. I was coming from the depths of depression contemplating taking my own life from where I turned to God and prayed to be saved and in turn my Kundalini was awakened. So it was really not the conventional Kundalini awakening that many believe takes years of yoga (although I disagree and believe many make the process much slower than it needs to be), but as my angels put it back then, it was as though an alarm clock that had been set for me my whole life had gone off and now it was time to awaken.

It took me about half a year to learn of the chakras after that and then I came across a Kundalini master 1 and a half years later and I finally learnt what had happened to me, in December of 2013. I didn’t dare tell a soul about what was happening to me, I feared they would think I was crazy. I spent about a year and a half questioning if I was going crazy and if angels were really talking to me. I grew up in a mainstream British environment that taught such things as angels speaking to you were not possible, that psychics were not real etc. Yet I kept tuning in and following the angels guidance, and life just got better and better. They shone such divine light for me and I was coming from such darkness, it was like all there was left to do was follow the light.

I was literally rock bottom where the only way from there was up, and the angels light was the purest love I had ever experienced up until that point. So that was 8 years ago, and I never stopped walking the path. The journey forever deepening and only even becoming more and more majestic. It has taken me in the most unexpected of places, where I have been given the evidence time and time again by spirit to trust in such a way in my guidance, that I now devote my life to helping others awaken and remember God within- which is ultimately what it all is about and comes back to.

I chose to study Kundalini yoga as the Kundalini has been such a core part of my journey, it was the initial flame that was ignited within me that triggered my awakening process. I didn’t understand what was happening to me back then in the way I do today, but what is the same today as it was back then is my greatest desire, which is to bridge the multidimensional realms of Gods love with you. Where I work to bridge to you what I have experienced in a way the you can experience too. So I visualise what I see multidimensionally so you can see too. Also I love to create info graphics to educate. So here is my upgraded Kundalini :D this is also some of the new content we will be sharing next month in the chakra video course as part of the diamond Membership you can enrol here:

Now I am in the process of getting my yoga teacher training to assist you in tapping into the power of your kundalini because I do believe it is your birth right! Also because I am forever looking to upgrade myself, always looking to learn and develop where I am at, where although I am a teacher, I will always also be a student, and this mind set enables me to keep growing and continue upgrading my services to you too!

Much Love,


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