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Healing the humanity: Entity Attachment and possession

The reality is much of the humanity is possessed or has various entity attachments they are required to overcome and move beyond in ascension. This is not something to fear or be ashamed of rather something to become aware of so we can see it for what it is, clear it and move beyond it. It is something that so often comes with incarnating into the lower densities and has been the case since the fall of Atlantis 14,000 years ago where the humanity has been in a karmic cycle of collective shadow clearing ever since.

14,000 years ago the humanity fell from a much higher density into the time space reality, which is really very dark and low frequency in comparison to our souls origin which is love. We chose to incarnate into these realms, many of us into very dark dense environments of consciousness where we totally forgot about where we are from spiritually and the nature of reality. So then trauma happens which leads to attachment which is the gateway for entity attachments and demonic possession.

Possession and entity attachments can be easily identified through the 7 deadly sins.

  1. Lust

  2. Gluttony

  3. Greed

  4. Sloth

  5. Wrath

  6. Envy

  7. Pride

Sin in the bible means without love/ God/ being out of alignment with source, which is the exact experience the occurs in moments of trauma, which is why it hurts. When we are aligned with God we feel good, this is our natural state of being vs When we are out of alignment where we feel bad.

The 7 sins are often if not always rooted in trauma from either this life time or from what we carry in our ancestral DNA and lineage, developed as a means to cope from the illusion of separation from God that is experienced through incarnation into the time space reality of 3D and 4D and that has been the case for the past 14,000 years.

From trauma one develops attachments to external experiences to FEEL what was seemingly lost in the moment of trauma, attachments then bridge to possession. How fully heal from attachments and possession?

You go to the root cause and reinvent it to love.

You identify the frequency/ state that was lost in a moment of trauma and you then heal the timeline through offering the frequency/ state that was lost to the point of trauma. In healing you are in essence returning to God. You can of course command also the entity attachments and possessions leave you, which can be effective but not always lasting, because this overlooks the root cause of attachment- the trauma at hand. For example a very common possession/ attachment that much of the humanity I am sure will relate to at some point in their life is Gluttony, (over eating/ love of excess food). Food addiction / over eating is a very common coping mechanism. If this is you chances are at a traumatic time in your life, you lost touch with the feeling of love or safety and you found the feeling of safety/ love through the food. Food became that window one experienced the feeling of safety/ love through. Where something key to note here is it is the FEELING one becomes attached to rather than the window/ crutch one is experiencing that feeling through. This is key to liberating yourself from attachments- is in the FEELING you are seeking because it is the feeling state that was lost in the moment of trauma. The goal in ascension is to be able to experience (FEEL) such states of safety and love without anything external through connection to God within. Through attachment to the feeling of an external window one becomes the vibrational match to entities mirroring that frequency. From there, possession can take place, where if you have ever felt yourself craving food when you are not hungry or alcohol when you don’t want to drink it etc- that’s an entity attachment possessing your desires to feed through you. It’s nothing to fear, rather something to become aware of, where only in becoming aware of it can you move beyond it. Also there is an element of real compassion that is required in healing also to remember where it is important to allow yourself to take your time. Food can also be a crutch, which can also be useful- just like if you leg was broken, and you were needed something to help you walk, but not forgetting the goal is to in time move beyond the crutch. This is where coming aware of what is happening on an energetic and psychic level is so very vital for our health as a human species. This is just one example there are many more. Where the 7 deadly sins are a very good guide for identifying the shadow in the equations.

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