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Healing Anxiety

Let's talk anxiety!

It is a big one given the times that we are in. The life prepared me very well to be able to navigate these times, where anxiety was something I got a solid handle on about 3/4 years ago, where it never really effected me after that. I would experience crippling anxiety at that times, finding myself in panic attacks on the floor. Particularly in relation to some of the abduction and galactic experiences I had and the disclosure. Something I understand today was a collective clearing my soul had signed up to assist.

Prior to this I thought I had healed from Anxiety, where growing up I had anxiety and depression throughout my teens. It was a taboo subject where there wasn’t support available in the way that it is today, and we were just told to suck it up and get on with it, and at times made to feel bad for even feeling that way. The anxiety, reached a pinnacle point when I was 19 just about when I began to awaken- they were of course connected.

Where I found myself looking in the mirror facing the hard reality that I couldn’t socialise without a drink in my hand. I felt so insecure about what others thought about me, or how they would react to me that I would have to get drunk to navigate my way through social circles. This was rooted in trauma as a youth being bullied and put down by my peers from a young age at school, where I was made fun of and targeted, throughout school. I had found my escape and even identity through drinking and drugs, that way no body messed with me, they even "respected" me, it was a superficial and fickle reality. A sad reality was I was hiding behind a mask, and I had totally lost myself.

Back then through my first awakening, meditation, exercise, prayer, affirmations and a high vibrational diet was my antidote in healing.

Then 3-4 years into my awakening journey when I went through my galactic awakening and took on the responsibility of an ambassador for The Ufology World Congress, my anxiety reached a whole other level, only this time, I didn’t know of a soul in the world who would understand.

In time I will open up more so about what I went through, but I experienced my second dark night of the soul. Where I found myself at times on the floor crippled by anxiety. Turns out it came from from black magic attacks, that I later learnt to counteract and leveled up exponentially in my abilities from, but I found myself facing darkness like never before.

How I got through those times, because there wasn’t a soul on the earth I could talk to and when I did it would only get worse because they didn’t know how to handle what I was going through, but how I got through those times was through my connection to the source God inside. It was the period of my life where I awakened to God at a whole other level. Where what I was shown was the anxiety is an illusion of the mind one experiences when they are focused out of alignment with the Source God. So the cure is simple- Align with God and all anxiety dissolves.

There are many keys of course to assist this process, such as remembering God is always within you, and always accessible to you, your natural state of being is aligned with God. Where the way to return from darkness back to light is through remembering that, that is where you grow, that is where you awaken, that is where great wisdom is born, from darkness back to light. Even through simply acknowledging this the darkness begins to dissolve, where as you look to the wisdom that has been awakened through experiencing darkness and appreciate the new found strength and awareness the realignment process is much faster, even instantaneous when you get good at it. I also found vipassana meditation to be an incredibly powerful tool- which works with this awareness the God is at your core and only love is truly real, all else is an illusion of the mind, pinching itself off from the source God inside.

Source God (the circle) is at the Core of you

Since then anxiety hasn’t really appeared for me, and if it does it is nothing like I have experienced before so it is much easier to navigate.

So if you are experiencing anxiety at this time, know that you can make it through this time and that you will be so much stronger and wiser when you do, never forgetting God is always there with you, always assisting you where you capacity to move beyond anxiety is only ever a shift in perspective away.

Some additional tools to assist you in healing you anxiety include:



💎High vibration Diet


💎Creative projects and exploration

💎Spiritual development

💎Spiritual Growth

💎Essential oil Practise

💎Self Love Practise

💎Gratitude Practise


If you need further support in this area, please feel free to get in contact with me , I am happy to assist you where I can along your healing process.

Love and Blessings,


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