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DNA Diamond Upgrade

The opposite path of ascension is digitalisation, which we are seeing attempting to manifest worldwide.

So how do we not let this get to us, how do we not cave under pressure?

We choose the path of ascension the opposite of digitalisation. These are the times that we are now living in. Where the path of ascension is an inward process through the body. The gateway to the new earth is through the DNA, and through remembering our hearts connection to our DNA.

Woven through the DNA is the etheric element, which is the template of the akashic records, where all is. All life times can be found there, past, present future and parallel life times because the akash exists both within and beyond the dimensions of time and space. In this way it is like a quantum sea of infinite potentiality. All is accessible through the Akash and in turn the element of the aether. Including our New Earth light body.

The DNA in ascension is becoming multidimensional which of course means our whole entire human vessel begins to recalibrate in response, the effect of our DNA upgrading ripples throughout our whole entire being and in turn our unified field of human consciousness.

Bringing your awareness to this, and educating yourself on a multidimensional level about the shift in consciousness that is occurring will make this process easier, smoother and in turn gift you with a new found sense of self empowerment.

Where the human being is not only upgrading our DNA, but also the very nature of our atomic structure is changing. Atoms after all create the human being including the DNA. We are moving from a carbon based species into a silicon (crystalline) based species. Quite literally like coal, becoming a diamond.

What we see happening in the world can be understood just like the process of coal becoming a diamond where great pressure is required for the goal to upgrade to diamond. If the coal cracks under pressure it turns into dust and no diamond can be formed. If the coal stays focused and determined and also clear on the path ahead of it and the process of becoming a diamond, it will transform expanding outwards in response to the pressure, in turn becoming a diamond.

Where what is means to becoming Crystalline is becoming/ returning to Christ. Christ consciousness is crystalline consciousness. Maybe you can hear the similarity in the words.

Jesus came as an example of what it means to embody such a state of consciousness, the crystalline state of consciousness that is the next phase of our human evolution, where incase you were not clear before, Diamonds have a crystalline structure.

Jesus by Akiane Kramarik

Are you ready to upgrade your Diamond DNA? We have many keys to assist you in this process at the school. Where the diamond membership specialised in working with the diamond rays of light, sacred geometry and akashic records to facilitate this process. Become a diamond member today and take your upgrading to the next level.

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