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Anti Christ vs Christ

If I am going to be giving you prophesies of the second coming of Jesus Christ, I have a divine responsibility to also share with you all facets of such prophesies that encompasses both the light and the dark, which I have been shown and briefed in, as well as trained on how to navigate. I been in pleiadian 108 training these past 5 years preparing to shine light through these times of planetary ascension on into the space age and clear the way for the return of the great galactic ruler of this universe, Jesucristo by many names he goes. Yet to truly know light of Christ we must know and learn to discern the darkness of the anti christ.

No body wants to give prophesies of the anti christ, the consciousness that is anti to Christ. But I have a divine responsibility given what I have been shown. I want people to be aware of the war for your consciousness occurring on the earth at this time. It is a war that has been going on since Eve took a bite of the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge and in turn was lured by Lucifer from the gardens of eden. Even before humans were created, Lucifer wished to defy God, where it is important to not be ignorant to the darkness, rather learn to discern it so to not be fooled by it.

The dark forces have a complex procedure of trojan horse 4D type starseeds that you really should watch out for. Some of whom they traumatise and then train from birth in their psychic abilities where they may display all sorts of mystical siddhus, which can make them very deceptive, they can be very attractive and very well educated- they may speak multiple languages fluently, top private school eduction and ontop of it all claim to be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ.

They have been bread and raised to defy the masses, so please so not be fooled if you encounter such people. They are like sleeper agents seeded into society, where what I am shown is there are several of them set like a ticking time bomb- I have actually even encountered one. I have reason to believe there is likely to be a staged second coming of Jesus before the actual true event. This is also what both the Islamic and Christian prophesies state, which people should be aware of so to not be fooled by such a staged event- an event sources indicate is currently stirring. First the prophesies say will come the anti christ and many will believe he is the saviour of man, where he will display all sorts of mystical abilities- (Siddhus we call them in yoga). Then comes the true Christ, the son of man, who was and who is and who is to come, the almighty. With Jesus in turn comes the day of judgment, where the prophesies say he will slay the anti christ and the new earth will then be, there will be no more tax and there will be great abundance in mass for all, to such a degree people will not ask for money anymore- we ascend to a higher density.

Jesus will not reincarnate.

The great master plan I have been shown is he ascended into the higher dimensions with his body, so he has the capacity to descend again and be seen by all upon the earth because of the density codes and range of the journey his body has been through. He is special in ways no one on earth today can compare to.

Sure we can all obtain Christ consciousness through devotion to the path, but Jesus Christ is the Messiah, he is the great master plan and saviour of humanity. The plan of Jesús is so great thousands of years before he even came to the earth, the lineage of white masters was prepared for the perfect alignment of events for his body, birth and eduction. He was born to a virgin, through immaculate conception through a high tantric practise- something that takes great mastery and a very high consciousness. Immaculate conception is a form of conception which by all means I do believe humanity will return to in the coming future, but today it is something that realistically not anyone on earth in this day an age has been born through.

This is an important detail to help you understand how and why he will not reincarnate and why anyone claiming to be the reincarnation is the opposite of what they claim.

The prophesies state that in the true second coming, Jesus will come from the sky and every eye shall see him. This I have also been shown in the visions I have had, where I bet he will come with a whole fleet of pleiadians. He is the great ruler of the universe so it will be quite the event with the great galactic federation of Light and white brother hood on hand helping to clear the way. This is a great master plan of the most high.

The Galactic federation of light is a divine ascended galactic command that has long ascended beyond all digital technology. We will cover this in another post- but we have spoken about it already on videos and in public, to quickly to summarise though: the 4D starseeds/ shadow beings I spoke of earlier in this post, wish to throw shade at the light of Christ in many ways. One of the ways they do this is by denying Jesus’ galactic command known as The Galactic Federation of Light, where they attempt to in turn defy the masses from the majesty of Christ the saviour, for the great power Jesus and The Galactic Federation of Light behold in the universe, which the digital ones are powerless to. SO incase it wasn’t obvious I am also here to shine light for The Galactic Federation of Light the high galactic command of Jesus Christ. I was stationed by the Pleiadians in The Ufology World Congress for this reason- to shine light for Jesus’ galactic command.

The prophesies have spoken of this event for thousands of years, even before the fall of Atlantis, tracing way back to the first prophesies of Jesus in book of Enoch, which was taken out of the bible because it spoke of the Messiah. The book of Enoch is historically way back in the time of Genesis before the great flood speaking of events leading up until this present day- Enoch being Noah’s Grandfather.

The book of enoch speaks of day of judgement, where the day of judgement also throughout the sacred scriptures of many biblical books has been outlined.

There is a day of judgment you should know and prepare for, it’s like our human and planetary graduation exam to the new earth. We can understand this process since humanity left eden as a journey our race has been on, and lesson we had to learn as a human species. The day of judgment is like the ending of this part of our human journey, where we will enter into a new cycle and galactic age for man kind. The day of judgement is like the final examination. Where the big question is: Has humanity learnt to discern and deny Lucifer? Or does the devil still deceive you? It is the ultimate test, where in unwavering faith Christ and in repentance of our sins, following in the footsteps and example of Jesus, we will see the coming of new earth. When it will be I can not say, for only God can say. Anyone who tries to tell you a set date is a false flag for not one but God can say. It may be tomorrow or it may be 100,000 years for now, either way, we should be always ready. The ancient scriptures are there to help you navigate where if you proceed in reading them with a filter and are able to read between the lines, that bare great multidimensional guidance for these times.

You should know there are requirements for entering the Kingdoms of heaven, its a high vibrational place on this earth and in the aether. God does not want demons there, remember he kicked them out of heaven eons ago, so you are required to let go of the demons, to not be deceived by them and ascend beyond them. There are those in the New Age (and don’t get me wrong I love the new age) but there are those in the new age like in all major religious and spiritual eduction systems, who are seeded to deter you from your path to Christ and journey back to God. The devil is the very force to be conquered and we will be learning to discern the darkness from light all the way up until at least the 8th dimension, where shadow beings can not climb so easily. Still only in the 9th dimension will we be truly clear from the darkness- from the 9th dimensional consciousness I am shown it will get easier, where humanity will be guided each step of the way. Where ascension may you remember is an inward process of returning to God within rather than up. It can appear up but it is truly inwards. The sacred geometry and numerology is a multidimensional visual map of ascension here to guide you through the multiverse- because it is the multiverse we are now entering in planetary awakening. Quantum Mechanics in the past 100 years as lead us to the edge of the 3rd dimensions and to the cups of time opening the door to the multiverse, where the book of revelations is written in numerological, geometric and symbolic code for this reason- it signifies the ending of time, the ascension beyond the dimensions of time and space.

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