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2022 A BIG Year For Christ Consciousness Awakening!

2+2+0+2= 6

Number 6 is a number of Crystalline/ Christ Consciousness, something that can be understood through studying the universal law of sacred geometry in relation to the next phase of our human evolution.

Next year is going to be next level awakening to Christ Consciousness within, where in essence the human being in ascension is becoming like Jesus. We are collectively ascending into 5D and becoming multidimensional embodiments of Christ- This is the next phase of our human evolution and it has been spoken of since the beginning of our time.

This shift in consciousness can not be stopped as it is reflective of the planetary cycles, where it is only going to accelerate from here. What that means is waves of light are flooding into Gaia, waves of high vibrational consciousness are flooding into Gaia. So naturally the planet becomes more conscious.

What it means to become more conscious is to become more self aware. Where in becoming more self aware we are in essence returning to God which is at our core. In the process we remember our multidimensional nature, so very naturally. Ascension is an inward process of remembering, one that is so very familiar as we are becoming more of who we truly are.

Throughout next year at the school of creation I will be providing you with powerful keys to facilitate this process of upgrading to your crystalline light body, with the powerful assistances of the diamond light, crystal light, sacred geometry Akashic records, light language and many other transformation tools to facilitate this process.

You can join us for early bird pricing until the 30th December, click here to enrol and I will see you on the inside.🌞

Why is 6 a number of Christ Consciousness?

💎 Christ Consciousness is

💎 Crystalline consciousness‭ ‬

💎‭(‬aka Krishna Consciousness‭) ‬

💎These are different names for pure 5th dimensional consciousness experienced at different points along the human time line and is crystal clear awareness‭- ‬like the clear quartz crystal‭- ‬masters of crystalline consciousness‭.‬

💎A clear quartz crystal has a hexagonal structure‭. ‬Clear quartz is the template for all other crystal formations and can be attuned to any crystalline frequency making it the most powerful and versatile crystal to work with‭.‬

💎A Key‭ % ‬of DNA molecules have a hexagonal structure also reflective of the Multidimensional 5D Merkabah Light body‭, ‬which in 2D‭ ‬form‭ (‬Star of David‭) ‬is also hexagonal‭, ‬3D form is the Merkabah‭/ ‬Star tetrahedron‭. ‬This is the body you realize in 5D Crystalline Consciousness‭- ‬like Jesus demonstrated‭.‬

💎6 is a multidimensional merkabah key

💎2022‭ ‬Get Ready 2+0+2+2‭= ‬6

Join us for The Diamond Light Awakening in 2022 Click here and I will see you on the inside!

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