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Enrol for the group
Diamond Light initiation 


3 month Group Initiation and sacred container

There is limited capacity and is first come first served

Early Bird pricing will go up from the 18th April and starts on the 2nd May 2023

BONUS gifts included for Pay in full

  • Diamond initiation

    Will go up to 3333€
    • 3 Month of Initiation
    • Private Diamond Initiation fb group container
    • 2 Mastermind calls each week
    • BONUS: 3 months Diamond Library access
    • BONUS: 90 minute 1:1 intensive

"Working with E Light has been a game changer. I have more confidence in myself, I have clarity on my soul purpose, and have awakened to new realms of consciousness, this has truly been a multidimensional initiation."


“Your work is so powerful, I just had a major break through, I have so much more clarity and peace of mind. I now see clearly my soul purpose and what I am here to do, you make spiritual awakening so simple, thank you for what you do.”


"It's amazing what you have awakened within me, my anxiety has gone, I feel more embodied than ever before and the multidimensional activation you have facilitated- wow my psychic abilities have upgraded in ways I never expected. Thank you for all you have helped me see! I feel more connected to Christ where everything is so much clearer."


"Your magic works so fast! I am booked out with clients following our last session, I am amazed! Thank you."


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