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Awaken to
the New Earth

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A New Earth Activation video course and online porthole.
Are you feeling the call of awakening? Join me in tapping into the New Earth frequency.

The world as we know it is changing forever, do you feel it? 

Are you feeling the call of spiritual awakening?

If so then you are in the right place and by all means have been divinely guided here.

I am E Light and soul coach, healer mystic and spiritual guide.

My Kundalini was awakened in 2013 were ever angels began communicating and guiding me along the journey of self healing and self mastery. I have studied in locations all around the world, from the Himalayas to the Andes, learning from Yogis, Master and Shaman, ancient spiritual wisdom. The school of creation was created for me to bridge these wisdom teachings to you, where ultimately I am here to awaken you to the Master that is within you.

You see, I am not alone in awakening, the whole planet is. Chances are you too, which is why you are here. In essence in awakening we are as a planet and as a human species becoming more self aware, where I am here to assist you through this process.

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To Ignite your Light and truly embody your multidimensionality, wisdom of your soul and higher self
4 Video Classes

1 Masterclass

1 Light body Activation Meditation

1 Light body Video Tutorial

Light Language Activation

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The Great Awakening
is here!

Awaken to the New Earth Crystalline Consciousness with E Light.
*We offer options to join the school for 1 or 12 months CLICK HERE.
12 months receive a new course every month.
This first of these causes is the New Earth Activation Course.


Welcome beautiful soul

Are you ready to awaken to the New Earth?

Let's Go for it! Ascension is here!!
Every month at the school of Creation we release a New Video Course to assist you in awakening. This month we are focusing on New Earth Activation, exploring key planetary cycles, uncovering a forgotten History, from Giants, to the sacred scriptures, to the crystalline Kingdoms of New New Earth.

I invite you to join me in this online activation course, where you will receive 4 Video classes and 1 Masterclass, where we will be exploring the great awakening happening on Earth at this time. Answering some key questions such as "Why is the planet awakening Now?" To how you can move through these changes with greater ease and self Mastery.We will explore an ancient History of humanity as well as where we are heading as a human species.

You will also receive a New Earth Light body Activation meditation, and light body video tutorial, as well as a Light Language Activation to assist you in upgrading your DNA to the New Earth crystalline consciousness.

You are powerful beyond what you have been told great wisdom your DNA does behold. It's time to awaken to you are here to be and activate your new earth crystalline Light body"

Hello beautiful soul, I am E Light, a multidimensional being, healer, channel and New Earth pioneer. My Kundalini was awakened 8 years ago, where angels began communication with me and guided me along the path of self healing and self mastery. The angels shared with me powerful life changing tools of transformation, assisting in awakening to my authentic truth and uncovering my soul blueprint. I now devote my life sharing with you the powerful tools of transformation that I myself have worked with, so you to can awaken, discover your soul blueprint, authentic truth, heal yourself self and truly live the life that you came here to.


Reality is I haven't always walked the spiritual path. Prior to my awakening I was a victim to my reality, and found myself immersed in darkness, literally rock bottom not wanting to live anymore. God saved me by sending me angels, and I awakened to the beauty of life and the universal Laws that influence us all. In learning to consciously tap into and harness the universal Laws and wisdom of my soul, I have been able to heal myself and assist many other along their awakening journey. Where ultimately I am here to awaken you to the master that is within you. All of the keys that I share can be applied by you through your own self mastery to truly ignite and step into who you are here to be.

Today I travel the world the creator of my reality, I am free and I wish for you to also be. I invite you in 2022 to join me in a year of awakening where I will be sharing with you wisdom keys to help you see multidimensionality and facilcaite shift into 5D.
We offer 2 options to meet your study requirements.You can either enrol on this months course for 144€ and receive life time access or enrol for the whole year and receive an additional 11 courses plus many other resources, meditations, masterclasses and activations in our annual diamond membership for 1111€.
No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.

We offer a 15 day Money back guarantee so if you change your mind within the first 15 days we will give you a full refund, no questions asked.

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