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Multidimensional magic & money Mastermind

Become crystal clear on your soul purpose, Activate your multidimensional gifts and abilities, turn your magic into money and light up the world in the way that were born to‭!!!‬

Calling all leaders of light that are to remind and here to ignite 

Beautiful soul, You are here on divine purpose, with your own unique gifts, abilities and magic! 


The wisdom and voice of your soul is truly your great medicine for this earth, that is here to heal, to enlighten, to empower, to elevate, to awaken and to even save lives.


You have your own divine soul purpose that in coming home to has the capacity to transform lives.


With this you deserve to be abundantly supported for your soul purpose and sacred service to humanity, as you share your light and wisdom with the world, enabling you to be truly have the impact on earth that you came to and lighting up the world in the way that you were born to. 


If you are a healer, yogi, shaman, mystic, coach or spiritual entrepreneur, who is ready to call in the wealth and financial freedom of your higher self and highest timeline through living your soul purpose, sharing your souls gifts and magic with the world, then you are in the right place! 


It is time for you to become a conduit for the abundance of the heaven to flow to the earth.

 It is time for you...
to light up the world in the way that you were born to

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Turn your magic into money and get paid abundantly for your service to humanity making a mint online, sharing your soul gifts and being recognised and respected as the go to leading authority in your field of expertise

Transcend limiting beliefs that hold you back and unapologetically share your authentic truth and souls medicine with a global audience

Become crystal clear on your soul purpose and magnetic in your messaging, conveying the value of your work and sacred service with ease and elegance effortlessly attracting your soul mate clients

Become deeply embodied and confident in your souls gifts and magic, unshaken by how others perceive you and the projections of the external world standing strong in your frame, lighting up the world in the way that you were born to

Upgrade your healing abilities and enhancing your energy mastery, harnessing the universal power of qi, to manifest you dream life and ensuring your clients get deeply transformational lasting results.


Create a 6 figure soul aligned business, that supports you in your divine flow, enabling you to work from anywhere in the world you like, on your own terms, living your soul purpose and having the impact that you have always dreamed of

Connect with your soul tribe and expand your online presence creating long lasting soul nourishing relationships with fellow power house healers, coaches, mystics and shaman, inspiring a wave of transformation into higher consciousness for all those who come into contact with you


Come home to your highest timeline of wealth, health, love and spiritual connection as an unstoppable beacon of ascension

Get out of fight and flight, and learn to regulate your nervous system to create your dream life calling in new levels of abundance, success and opportunities 

Eloquently manage your money and discover a very simple and easy to follow money management system for organising your growing finances without stress or overwhelm 

Create a strong and robust structure and crystal clear foundation in your spiritual business that supports you in your divine flow and soul purpose. Discover and learn HOW to implement proven 6 figure business strategies that abundantly supports both you and your clients in living your best life.

Upgrade your multidimensional abilities, tap into the power of your Kundalini life force and activate your New Earth crystalline Light body

Discover powerful and deeply transformational, life-changing practices, asanas, kundalini kriyas and pranayama for purifying your field and channel, standing strong in your frame, becoming deeply magnetic in your energy and navigating the psychic realms in divine mastery.


Activate your Light language and learn how to channel and direct the light language to manifest the abundance of your higher self. Learn to work with different crystalline rays of light, including the crystal, diamond, sapphire and golden ray of Light.

Learn how to Quantum heal to create instantaneous shifts and results for yourself and your clients through the power of Christ consciousness


Awaken to the power within to create the life of your dreams with ease and flow, Lighting up the world in the way that you were born to

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Here is a quick look at what you will get inside this high level support container:

12 Weekly strategy zoom calls: Receive weekly coaching with me to help you become crystal clear on your soul purpose and messaging and clearing the blockages to your highest timeline of success

Instant Access my Abundance activation meditations for assisting you in energetically aligning with your highest timeline of wealth!

Design your divine offer! Learn how to create a high ticket offer that sells and learn how to attract a consistent stream of soul mate client.

Activate your wealth DNA, balance & align your chakras, raise your kundalini and awaken your multidimensional light body and magic!

Learn the art of magical and magnetic messaging to stand out online as an athority in your field and attract your soul mate clients with ease!

Access my soul purpose Ebook & sacred offer and messaging templates in your very own beautiful online porthole

3 Steps to making money online


Have an irresistible offer I will guide you in sculpting a divine offer high ticket offer that deeply serves your soul mate clients. You will receive done for you design and offer templates to assist this process.


Visibility & messaging I will assist you in becoming crystal clear on your soul purpose and in turn magnetic in your messaging, positioning yourself in the online market as the go to authority in your field of expertise.


Marketing & energy work  I will guide you through proven 4, 5 & 6 figure strategies to assist you in growing your online community and tribe and attracting your soul mate clients with ease.

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All that you seek is found in alignment with your highest possible time line

Your highest timeline is Gods plan for you! It is your timeline of great wealth, health, love and divine connection.


Throughout the process I guide you home to your highest timeline working across the 3 major planes of existence

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Discover practises that balance, upgrade & harmonise all 3 planes:

Physical Plane:
💎 Learn special asanas, meditation, qigong geometry to assist you developing a strong field and becoming a grounded and embodied channel of light
💎 Implement a solid business strategy and structure to your business that brings you a consistent stream of soul mate clients
💎Feel more connected, embodied and confident than ever before

Mental Plane:
💎 Reprogram your subconscious mind attuning your thoughts and beliefs into alignment with the wisdom of your soul and higher self, awakening the pure crystalline consciousness of Christ
💎 Discover powerful healing practises for purifying your mind and rewiring the neural pathways in your brain including, Theta healing, NLP and the powerful assistance of the diamond light

Spiritual Plane:
💎 Discover the power of qi, chakra wisdom, energy healing and law of faith

💎 Awaken to the wisdom of the 5th element
💎 Harness the power of the crystalline rays of light

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 light up the world in the way that you were born to

E Light
Soul coach, mystic, healer,
Light body activator,
New Earth pioneer

If you have any questions

Or email me at

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Hello beautiful soul I am Ellen Holmes, AKA E.L Light. I am a spiritual business coach, wealth strategist, Kundalini Light body activator and New Earth pioneer.


I am here to assist you in awakening the power within, creating the life of your dreams and truly having the impact on earth that you know you are supposed to.


I went through my Kundalini awakening in 2013, which I where I began my ascension process. Ever since I have been on an epic journey of spiritual growth, self healing and self mastery.


I have spent much time traveling around the world studying with different masters ancient healing modalities including shamanism, yoga, meditation and energy healing. I became initiated into the mystical arts of sacred geometry, light language, qi gong, kundalini yoga, crystalline consciousness and theta healing.


Today I share with the most powerful and deeply transformational tools and techniques that I have come across to date to assist power house leaders around the world in spiritual ascension, coming home to their highest timeline, awakening their soul purpose and creating the life of their dreams.

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Enrol directly 

The course officially starts on the 20th February 

BONUS gifts included for Pay in full

Pre sale price is available until the 19th February save 1000$

  • Brand Makeover

    Elevate your brand to new heights with our exclusive Done-For-You design service!
    • 5 Banner designs (great for social media) (Value 1250$)
    • 5 Squares (great for social Media) (Value 1250$)
    • 5 Private 1:1 branding calls (Value 2500$)
    • 1 Offer design (Value 1500$)
    • 1 Funnel (Value 1500$)
    • 1 Audio Visual video effects (Value 2500$)
    • Full access to Diamond Academy weekly live group coaching
    • 💎 1:1 Voxer coaching throughout (Value 5000$)
    • 💎 1 Year access to the video school (Value 3333$)
    • 💎 Private 90 minute 1:1 deep dive (Value 950$)

Payment Plans

The course officially starts on the 20th February 
Payment plans available!
Pre sale price is available until the 19th February save 1000$

  • Brand Make Over

    Every month
    3 Part Pricing Plan
    Valid for 3 months
    • Full Access to the Brand Makeover Bundle
    • Full access to the Mastermind
    • 3 Part Payment Plan


“I followed your steps and techniques and I am blown away, where I have been able to more than double my monthly income as a result. I never could have imagined how simple it would be as well! Last month we did 20K, this month we are on track for 30K giving me more resources to work with and time freedom, thank you so much for all!

"Listening to the vibration of her light language you feel... "

Ahh, I'm home now. Everything is fine. Rest well." 

Peace and calm comes as a natural state.

Thank you E.Light for being such a close guide and bringing us a piece of heaven to Earth."



"You designed the course so well, how wonderful it has been and how much you have inspired me. Now I know a method to connect with my emotions from my heart and create positive energy around my way. So much Love"

"I feel like we opened a beautiful door that leads me to unlimited potential. Working with E has had a profound effect on me. I'm already beginning to notice the subtle and profound changes.

E. gives us a powerful tool to continue working on ourselves, shows us the gateway, and helps us take the first steps towards the limitless, towards the best version of ourselves. Thank you."


"Working with E Light has been a game changer. I have more confidence in myself, I have clarity on my soul purpose, and have awakened to new realms of consciousness, this has truly been a multidimensional initiation."


“Your work is so powerful, I just had a major break through, I have so much more clarity and peace of mind. I now see clearly my soul purpose and what I am here to do, you make spiritual awakening so simple, thank you for what you do.”


"It's amazing what you have awakened within me, my anxiety has gone, I feel more embodied than ever before and the multidimensional activation you have facilitated- wow my psychic abilities have upgraded in ways I never expected. Thank you for all you have helped me see! I feel more connected to Christ where everything is so much clearer."


"Your magic works so fast! I am booked out with clients following our last session, I am amazed! Thank you."


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