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The Guardians

Warm Greetings beloved soul we are the guardians

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Warm Greetings beloved soul

we are the guardians,

we are those who speak through E

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Many years have passed we have been waiting for this time that has long been destined.


now the grand plan for the humanity is coming into fruition.

The Light of the most high is to be ignited 

in the heart of all

who are humble enough to receive it. 

In the heart of all

in divine remembrance of the love in unity

in which you eternally are.

in the heart of all

who honor the divine of the most high

in all self and in all of creation.

in the heart of all who are ready to receive it.


we bestall upon the

great wisdom

to be decoded and discovered

for it has been written

that god has been born on earth once more,

and god shall reign tall on earth once more.

let it be known The guardians have returned

and we are the tall ones. 

The Guardians Of gaia

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E.  L . Light Aka Ellen Lucy is our human ambassador and crystalline consciousness activator.

E is connected to the wisdom teachings of Enoch where she is here to assist reminding and connecting the dots between the ancient wisdom teachings of the past and the New Earth.

"As a visual channel I see the Guardians in many different forms, mostly they appear to be as a circle of light without form, rather as a translucent energy, as they have ascended beyond the physical densities. They sometimes however take the form of beings and visit me individually and occasionally together, where they asked me in 2017 to draw them in these forms. They are the same beings who were in contact with humanity in ancient Egypt, and some of the Ancient Indian Deities as well where now we are of the galactic maturity to work with them again without worshiping them as Gods- (which is what ended up happening in Egypt and created all sorts of confusion for the humanity). They want humanity to know that they are Guardians- extensions of the one God, who at the core of their teachings this is what they are here to remind the humanity of: The one God that is within all and that unifies all."


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Ancient History of Gaia


The Guardians are ancient giants of Light. They are the elders of the earth and of the humanity, those who were here before on the earth before the humanity. Those whose Kingdoms remains lay beneath what the humanity has come to call mountains. They are Guardians of Gaia.


They have been overseeing the humanity, since the beginning of time from the humanities creation, to this present day.


The earth was gifted to the humanity by the Guardians a long time ago. The humanity was asked to watch over the gardens of eden of the earth, and all life upon the planet, for one day the guardians would return and reclaim the earth. These are the times that are now.

The guardians exist in a universal octave up, beyond the great abyss. This is a parallel/future/ ancient universe, a divine benevolent celestial universe of crystalline consciousness that resides beyond all darkness. The darkest colour is a deep sapphire blue, where the contrast that is experienced in the guardians universe is more a matter of love and greater. rather than darkness and light.

This divine universe is the universe of Gaias history and future destiny, where in the last galactic year cycle around 100,000,000 years ago, there was a great war of giants. The giants of Light and the fallen angels.

In these times the planet earth was very different to the earth we know today, where giant trees grew tall into the sky connecting the aether and the earth. The fallen angels cut the giant trees to the ground, and this created a tear in the great Akash, where the universe split into parallel realities. The Giants of Light ascended and the fallen ones fell upon Gaias lands, gaia was sent descending into darkness into the great abyss.


this of course was a plan of the most high to create the laws of polarity through light and darkness, good and evil upon Gaia to provide a profound learning ground, that enables accelerated growth through duality to be, as when one returns from darkness back to light, great wisdom is born.

gaia the spirit of the earth is completing a new galactic year cycle which is also known as the cosmic year. This is roughly a 250,000,000 year cycle- the time it takes for our sun and solar system in the process to travel around the galaxy.

Gaia is now aligning with a merging point with the parallel/ future/ ancient universe of the guardians along the Galactic Year cycle and is now ascending, is now returning to the new universal consciousness- the universe of the guardians.


The humanity if they wish to live upon gaias lands must ascend with her. This is gaias ascension that humanity is being invited to join and assist. Where a profound shift in consciousness is taking place, the humanity is becoming multidimensional where the very nature of the human DNA is upgrading with the ascension of Gaia into crystalline consciousness.


This is gaias final ascension of this kind, where she will now return eternally to her divine expression in purity, moving beyond all darkness and letting go of all that no longers resonates with her lands once and for all.

This transition of universe is set on a 100-1000 year time line. The next 100 years setting the stage for what is to come. 

And you are here incarnated on earth through these times. We honor your bravery, we honor your soul, courage and spirit for being here on gaia.

The school of Creation is a New Earth school of the guardians to assist you through this grand multidimensional awakening and return to source expression.

may you know that the ascension is already successful it is already done, it is just a matter of integration now. It has been written in the great akash.

And so it is. 

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Upgrade with e light the guardians ambsassador

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