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the Ancient Future is calling

Lions gate abundance Activation event

Activate the abundance of your highest timeline

Count me in!!!

Lions gate is here! This is a powerful time & astrological gateway for planetary awakening, abundance and spiritual ascension.
The Lions gate porthole was celebrated by the ancient Egyptians as a time of great abundance, where the constellation of orions belt perfectly aligns with the constellation of Sirus and the pyramids of Giza. The porthole is officially open from the 28th until the 12th of August where the star Sirius rises, and peaks on the 8th of August.

Due these astrological alignments a huge influx of ascension waves flood the earth and the abundance of the heavens pours down upon the planet. In this live online event and planetary activation I will be assisting your in tapping into and harnessing the powerful energies of Lions Gate to elevate your life all round to higher dimensional octaves of living as humanity enters the new galactic era.


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This is a powerful time for you to:
✨ Come home to your soul essence
✨ Upgrade in the New Earth consciousness
✨ Tap into the abundance of your higher self
✨ Activate your abundance light body
✨ Celebrate as we usher in the Golden Age
✨ Awaken to the Ancient future


What is the ancient future?

This ancient future is the times that were before and that are once again returning to the earth, the prophesied coming crystalline Kingdoms of Christ. 

I have spent the past 5 years awakening to the ancient future that comes with the new galactic age that is marked by the completion of the 250,000,000 years cycle known as the galactic year, that brings one beyond the dimensions of time and space in the return to Christ consciousness within. 

The divine has asked me to greater activate awareness of the ancient future throughout the lions gate porthole and beyond into 2024 facilitating the activation of new universal consciousness upon the earth and humanities awakening to the
 celestial guardian within- the giant of light that is your higher self.

I will be bridging to you crystalline codes of light to assist you in upgrading and remembering the ancient future of your God given destiny and how the humanity is but Gods in amnesia. 


This power of awakening to the ancient future:
✨ Attune to your highest time line
✨ Uncover your soul blue print and purpose
✨ Awaken a new sense of excitement, euphoria, inspiration and drive through life
✨ Tap into the infinite universal abundance of the heavens
✨ Upgrade in Christ consciousness
✨ Become an unstoppable beacon of ascension 

I invite you to make the most of this powerful porthole, where I will be facilitating an online event and activation on the 8th of August which is the peak of the Lions gate Porthole marked by the star of Sirius in the sky. I will be bridging codes of the ancient future, the times that were before and are once again returning to the earth. 

What to expect

✨ Golden Light Abundance activation

✨ Light Language
✨ Crystalline keys & Codes from the Ancient future
✨ New Earth Abundance Light body Upgrade
✨ Multidimensional Magic and Money
✨ Crystal manifestation magic
✨ Highest timeline activation

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You can sign up to the event here:

Sign up for the 8/8/23 event from $111 (will go up to $199)
or by becoming a member from $350 pm

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
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