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  • Light Language

    Video Course
    • Light Language Initiation Video Course
    • Life time access
    • (This is not subscription)
    • BONUS GIFT: sacred Geometry Course (value 222€)
    • BONUS GIFT: Crystal Plasma Activation (value 55€)
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I am excited to share with you that we have upgraded our Light language Initiation to an all NEW HD video course layout.


You will now be able to take the course at your own pace.


This course has been something I have been channeling the contents of, for over 8 years and is the unification of many powerful transformation keys of activation, to assist you in purifying your channel, activating your light language, and in learning to channel the language of light with divine responsibly and aligned direction.


The process of channeling this course began in my university years where I began the studies in the universal laws of sacred geometry, vibration, frequency, attraction and quantum mechanics, whilst learning how to open and clear my channel through the power creativity. I was guided by the angels in uncovering life changing practises which I have evolved over the years to assist you activating your light language and learning to channel by hand, vocally and also through movement.


This is by all means the most powerful offering I have ever brought to humanity, where I am super excited to share with you this divine offering in its all new and upgraded format.


You will receive your own online porthole within our New Earth Mystery school and Temple of Light as well as life time access to the course. With the opportunity to become a certified light language channel through complete the course requirements, which are personally reviewed by me so to maintain a standard in the light language channels I initiate and produce.


In the course you will learn:


💎 How to activate your light language

💎 How to clear your channel

💎 How to write your light language

💎 How to speak, sing and chant light language

💎 How to direct light language through movement

💎 How to attune your channel to crystalline consciousness

💎 How to work with different crystalline rays of light

💎 The Mechanics of Light language (how it works)

💎 A foundation in Light body Mechanics where we explore the basic light body template including The chakras, kundalini, Nadis, Merkabah, DNA and light body geometry

💎 Crystalline consciousness geometry

💎 About the DNA and how you can upgrade your DNA

💎 Multidimensionality

💎 Ascension keys

💎 Meditation


Course Early bird Enrolment has begun you can sign up by clicking here!!!



"E Light’s masterclass and light language activations are powerful my first entry ( but real entry ) to 5th dimension or any other dimension unknown for me was through and after E Light activation ! I started seeing amazing colour in trees, soil and plants as never have seen before ! 

An  incredible experience"  


"Thank you so much for hosting this course. It was so activating for me, honestly one of the more transformative workshops I have ever done. It really unlocked some artistry codes within me. Divine timing I think. Thank you for holding the space and shining light."


"I can't describe the experience, transmuting my energy into higher levels. Im so thankful E, acquiring this sacred knowledge. I appreciate wholeheartedly ."


"Since doing the light language course I thought about places like Jerusalem and where Jesus was and I can feel the energy that was there and still there. I am starting to understand Christ consciousness In different ways I couldn’t see before."


"I am surprised by how well you designed the course, how wonderful it has been and how much you have inspired me. Now I know a method to connect with my emotions from my heart and create positive energy around my way. So much Love"


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