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Kundalini Yoga at Sunrise

Start your day the right way, awaken the power within

This is a group yoga service for 1:1 private training please contact E Light directly at

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The Benefits of a sunrise Kundalini yoga practises with E Light:

✨ Regulate your nervous system
✨ Enhance, purify and strengthen your aura
✨ Build, purify and strengthen your Qi
✨ Become magnetic in your energy
✨ Upgrade your psychic senses
✨ Awaken the power within of your Kundlaini life force
✨ Balance and align your chakras
✨ Learn pranayama and Kundalini breath work
✨ Discover key Kundalini philosophy and terminology
✨ Start your day the right day fuelled by the natural qi of the rising sun in union with Kundalini yoga, breathwork, meditation and qigong
✨ Enhance your focus and energy throughout the day
✨ Become your greatest version
✨ Discover a new found awe and wonder for life, deeply inspired by the power within and of your consciousness
✨ Discover the power of sound to transmute energy and bring a new found harmony peace and balance to your light through mantra chanting
✨ For the leader light to become unstoppable
✨ Light up the world in the way that you were born to

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