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Welcome Beautiful soul to the

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It's time to activate the abundance of your souls God given destiny

Are you a coach, light worker, spiritual teacher, mystic, starseed or healer? Looking to make more money in your spiritual online business so that you can have a larger impact on the earth?


The golden Age is here, the abundance of the heavens is flooding into the earth through the aether, and there is more than enough to go around,  think in overflow overflow, for all. It is time to claim the prosperity of your souls destiny.


Your higher self is rich beyond your wildest dreams, Abundance is Gods divine design of the nature of reality. It is your birth right and it is who you are at your core.


Abundance is a frequency and it is a vibe! It is a higher dimensional state of being that resides inside us all. Your higher dimensional expressions are so very prosperous and so very abundant. Where in ascension we are in essence aligning with these higher dimensional infinitely abundant expressions!!!


What we have before us due to our astrological alignments within the universe, as a planet and human species is a huge influx of abundance energies flooding into earth in the return of Christ consciousness and planetary ascension to 5D where it has already begun!!! Where in essence you are to attune your consciousness in order to receive.


This is where I come in, I am E light here to assist you in awakening to and greater embodying the abundance of your God given destiny, through activating your abundance light body.


The Golden Age abundance activation provides you with a transformation abundance consciousness upgrade. You will receive a Golden Age Abundance Activation and 3 downloadable abundance activations as well as a beautiful online abundance porthole, where you can access your activations.

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The Golden Abundance Activation 

 Abundance Light body Activation 

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Diamond Light Abundance  Activation 


Golden Age Abundance masterclass


Beautiful online Abundance porthole

Activate the abundance of your souls destiny

Awaken your prosperity power within

Upgrade to the Abundance of the Golden Age

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If you feel the call to go even deeper with me activation abundance with new activations every month, you can also sign up to the Light body Abundance, which includes the Golden Age abundance activation.

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No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
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If you would to go even deeper in abundance activation and receive more support in calling in the abundance of your souls destiny, I invite you to join Light body Abundance, which includes life time access to The Golden Age Abundance Activation as well as many other abundance light body activations and upgrades.

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
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