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Avalon Awakening
Glastonbury Retreat

Glastonbury retreat with E Light

Full ticket:
Includes transport and entry to sacred sites

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

glastonbury retreat

We are excited to announce our UK Glastonbury Activation this August 2021


We invite you on a magical journey of awakening, soul family connection and divine new earth activation, as we embark in spiritual adventure through ancient sacred sites of the long forgotten mystical lands of England.


A 5 day crystalline consciousness activation retreat with E Light and Roselia Santamaria Hernandez.


Discover the mystical town and sacred sights of Glastonbury UK, explore the ancient stone circles of Stone henge and Avebury and visit the latest crop circles in the beautiful countryside of western England with us this August for a powerful planetary upgrade.


Glastonbury has long been Considered the heart chakra of the earth and is an ancient gem of the UK with many multidimensional codes of sacred wisdom woven through the core ethereal template of the lands. Where it is considered by many to be the gateway to Avalon.


Every year many UFO sightings occur in the area, due to the energy of the lands, where many Ley lines cross. Glastonbury is a planetary meeting point for the magic people, wisdom keepers and light workers of the Earth, where it’s long forgotten History is that of the Druids and Ancient white magic mystery schools. 


We will be working with the wisdom of Crystalline consciousness where we will be assisting you in upgrading your DNA to your crystalline light body, working with both the crystal and diamond rays of light, preparing you for the coming shifts in planetary consciousness.


Connect with soul family, expect synchronicities and upgrade consciousness to the crystalline template this August. 



Evening 6th August:

5pm Opening ceremony


7th Aug Day 1: 

Morning: Glastonbury Tor, White Spring

Afternoon: Outdoor workshop

Evening: Indoor Crystal Light ceremony


Day 2: 

Morning: Chalice well 

Afternoon: Cathedral, Outdoor Meditation

Evening: Indoor Diamond Light ceremony


Day 3:

Stone Henge


Day 4:

Crop Circle


Day 5:


Your Guides

E Light and Roselia Santamaria Hernandez