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Wed, 18 Nov



The Voice of Your soul (City of Light Activation Part 3)

Upgrade your New Earth Light body DNA in a 5 part event series throughout November guided by E.light.

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Time & Location

18 Nov 2020, 17:30 – 19:30 CET

Barcelona, Private Location (Provided upon reservation)

About The Event

Session 3 (New Earth City of Light Activation series)

The Voice of Your soul

A key facilitator in your awakening, ascension  and return to source expression is learning to channel the voice of your soul- the language of light. Light language is a nondenomiation form of quantum communication, with profound healing benefits. Due to it being the voice of our soul it comes from love, elevating our vibration when we are immersed within the healing frequencies of light upgrading our new earth light body DNA and facilitating the integration of greater heights of multidimensional- 5D consciousness.

In this session E will be giving you an introduction to the light language, how you can channel, vocally, through movement and through writing. She will be facilitating you in consciously activating the divine remembrance from with the Akash of your DNA of how to channel light language responsibly, balanced and in alignment with your source expression.

You will also receive with each session, a DNA light body activation. This is given through the language of light to assist the upgrading of your new light body DNA.

Please bring a note page (with blank pages ideally not lined) and pens to this session.



11.2020 New Earth City of Light Activation series

Upgrade your New Earth Light body DNA in a 5 part event series throughout November guided by E.light.

Over the course of 5 group sessions we will be focusing on activating, integrating, anchoring in and celebrating New Earth energies and planetary upgrades.

In the month of November through many different astrological alignments and events, powerful ascension codes pour into the planet. These codes when harnessed upon facilitate our greater awakening, light body DNA activation, manifestation abilities, new earth states of embodiment, expansion of our consciousness, awakening to our inner master potential, self empowerment and return to love consciousness.

I will be guiding a group through a series of processes to assist you in upgrading your Light body DNA providing you with important keys to assist you in moving through the current shifts in the planetary consciousness and unfolding events with greater ease and enjoyment.

You will recieve the auido recording of each event you attend for you to listen back to as you please which we will provide you with in the week following the event.

Over the series of 5 session Learn About:

  • Light Language
  • The Akashic Records
  • Crystalline consciousness
  • Diamond Consciousness
  • New Earth Light body
  • Your Merkabah consciousness
  • How to reprogram your subconscious mind with Theta brain wave technology
  • An introduction in how to channel light language
  • How to consciously upgrade your DNA through the Akashic Reset

The first session will take place on 11.11.2020- which is a powerful gateway for ascension energies and also known as Lemurian New Year. The heights of this gateway remains open until 22.11.2020, where we will have another ceremony to further anchor in the 22.11.2020 new earth light codes of this gateway. We will have a total of 4 sessions between 11.11.2020 - 22.11.2020 and then a final session on the 25.11.2020 to assist in further bridging the energies of light beyond this powerful gateway.

5 Session overview:

1. New Earth Cities of Light Introduction, 11:11 Ceremony (11.11.2020)

2. The New Earth Light body, New Moon ceremony (15.11.2020)

3. The Language of Your soul (18.11.2020)

4. The Akashic Reset (22.11.2020)

5. Rays of Light (25.11.2020)

Please reserve your place online prior to the event

One session costs 30€ to attend

To attend all 5 sessions costs 99€

E will send you the address in central Barcelona prior to the event once you have reserved you place.

Wednesday Events start at 5.30pm - 7.30pm

Sunday Events start at 5pm- 7pm

For all questions please contact E Light at

PLEASE NOTE: There is limited space for a smaller group, so please if you wish to attend book sooner rather than later (once the venue is full it is full). Priority seats will go to those who book to attend all 5 events.

PLEASE NOTE: The current venue for this series of events does not have disabled access, if you require disabled access please let me know and I will notify you on future events that meet your requirements for accessibility.

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