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Upgrade your DNA
DNA Upgrade Video Course

Online Video Course with E Light

Do you want to learn how to upgrade your DNA?

Are you feeling called to understand on a deeper level what it means to upgrade your DNA and the nature of it?

I invite you on a four week journey with me of DNA Upgrading!

We will be exploring into the multidimensional DNA and providing you with a deeply transformation processes for DNA upgrade.

We will explore:

💎 The Multidimensional DNA
💎 Crystalline consciousness & the DNA
Cellular upgrades
💎 What is the DNA & the cells and how to work with them
💎 12 strands of DNA
💎 Diamond consciousness & the DNA

💎 The Akashic Records of your DNA

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Upgrade your Multidimensional DNA
DNA Upgrade Video Course

Online video Course with E Light

Over 4 Video classes and 1 Masterclass we will be exploring the Multidimensional DNA and guiding you in how you can Upgrade your DNA. I will be providing you with powerful healing tools, techniques, processes and DNA Upgrades to assist you in awakening to the master potential that lays dormant within you.

Lesson overview:

1. The multidimensional DNA and cells
2. The DNA and the Akash
3. Crystalline DNA Upgrade
4. Diamond DNA Upgrade

Early Bird pricing available until March 31st

Early Bird Price: 99€
After 31st March:

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No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.

"E Light is not only a powerful channeler and healer she is a multidimensional being reincarnated here to expand love consciousness on Gaia. Her ability to reflect what you need to work on and heal is tremendous and her connection with the source is simply beautiful to see and feel. Your inner love consciousness at your core starts expanding and your cells being to awaken as soon as you hear her light language. I'm so grateful to have met her and for reminding me of who I am."


The session with E was powerful. She guided me to shift, activate, clear etc. things on the level of Akashic records and cellular level. A lot happened on many levels and many things I still keep witnessing unfolding after few months. I feel like this work keeps reshaping my reality to much better and more magical direction than I could have imagined. I am experiencing even more synchronicities than before. And the great thing is that after this one session I have been able to continue this work by myself. Some things I said what I wanted to work on and many things Ellen was guided to bring up that I had thought but not told her. I highly recommend this work with her if you feel the call for deeper resets on karmic level and activations for your soul's path or what ever your soul feels call to work on. In big gratitude to this beautiful soul.

"I feel like we open a beautiful door that leads me to unlimited potential. I believe the session had a profound effect on me. I'm already beginning to notice the subtle and profound changes.

E. gives us a powerful tool to continue working on ourselves, shows us the gateway, and helps us take the first steps towards the limitless, towards the best version of ourselves. Thank you."



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