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Make 2024 your year of multidimensional awakening, crystalline DNA activation, Christ light body upgrades, spiritual growth and golden Age abundance

1 Year access to the Diamond Light Video School

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Are you looking to spiritually awaken, to unlock your multidimensional abilities, discover your soul purpose,

upgrade your DNA and activate your light body?


If so then through divine orchestration you are in the right place!

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Upgrade in Crystalline Consciousness
Activate your multidimensional light body DNA
Embody the abundance of your God given destiny

I am E.L Light a multidimensional channel, light language and kundalini yoga teacher, soul coach and New Earth light body activator!


Do you find yourself looking for a new beginning?


One that embraces the spiritual, one that dives deep into the mystical and one that ushers in a divine time for mankind and the planet as a whole?


The ancient wisdom keeper of the earth have long prophecies the times that we are now in, planetary ascension into 5D.


This is a huge transition, monumental for it is a dimensional upgrade into a whole new universe of consciousness.

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The diamond Light video school is here to assist you through this process.

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Awaken your in crystalline consciousness

The Diamond Light video School

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Access the Diamond Library filled with an abundance of video classes, masterclass, activations, meditations, visual third eyes activation keys, infographics, resources and light language

Activate your New Earth Multidimensional Merkabah Light body


Uncover the crystalline template of your and activate new found awareness in crystalline consciousness


Become initiated into the mysteries of Christ and Awaken in Christ consciousness cultivating a deeper connection with God and your higher self


Discover the powerful assistance of the crystalline rays of light


Learn to Channel Light language, by hand, vocally and also through movement,


Become Initiated into the Diamond and Crystalline rays of Light


Awaken to key universal Laws and metaphysical truths


Uncover ancient spiritual wisdom for your full body ascension


Learn to nourish and Balance your nervous system


Learn about the energy body, Kundalini Nadis and meridians


Learn about your chakras & how to heal and balance them


Learn light body mechanics & how to upgrade your DNA


Learn how to access your Akasha and work with the 5th element


Awaken to the power of Qi and learn to harness it to elevate your reality


Activation your mystical Siddhis and multidimensional abilities


Tap into the power of Kundalini breathwork, yoga and qigong


Develop & enhance a deeper connection to your soul & to God


Move into Heart intelligence and enhance your intuition 

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Video Courses You will get access to!!

Access over 50+ Video classes, 50+ Masterclasses & 100+ Activation meditations

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With the abundance academy

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Make 2023 you year of Light body Activation and multidimensional ascension

It has been prophesied as the ending of time, and as you look to the world around you it may even seem like the world is ending.


Thats because it is, at least the world that we have known and time as we know with that.


You see time as we know it is truly is ending.


The dimension of time as we know it is changing forever, for we are moving into a higher dimensional perspective beyond the dimensions of time and space, as we become multidimensional.


You can even see this through the advancements in Quantum mechanics over the past 100 years. Physicists have quite literally lead us to the cusp of time and opened the door to the multiverse, where if you want to cognise 5D, the multiverse is a great place to start.


These times are not something to fear, rather something to get excited for! For a whole new paradigm and earth is being born!


In this new paradigm, you awaken your New Earth Light body and your mystical Siddhis (mystical abilities) come online.


You awaken your New Earth Light body, you merkabah sacred chariot of ascension. Just as Master Yeshua Christos (better known these days as Jesus Christ) so famously demonstrated. He came as an activation of Christ consciousness which is the next phase of our human evolution, he came to prepare and pave the way, as a divine example of your human potential!


There is much that has been forgotten in the life of Jesus, after all only 4 of his hand chosen disciples made the final cut of the modern day bible, with over 3/4s of them missing if you include Mary Magdalene. They wrote books non the less, some went underground to survive and have resurfaced in modern times, whilst others were destroyed by the Vatican along with many other ancient bible texts, potentially lost in time forever.

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Here is a quick look at what you will get inside :

1 YEAR DIAMOND video school 

1 year access to the Diamond Light video school, includes an abundance of diamond light activation meditations, masterclasses, upgrades, videos and resources.

1 year access to the abundance Academy

A Library of video resources, abundance activations and masterclasses for assisting you in attuning to your highest timeline of wealth

11 video courses & 50+ video lessons

Access 11 different video courses here to assist you in your multidimensional awakening to 5D and integration of your New Earth light body.

Kundalini Breathwork activations

Kundalini Activation videos, yoga, pranayama breath work, graphics and more

100+ DNA Light body Activation meditations

An abundance of Crystalline and diamond light activation meditations

Light Language initiation 

Learn to channel Light language and become a crystalline channel of light with the light language initiation video course

Beautiful online Temple porthole

Access your own beautiful online porthole with lots of third eye activation graphics, meditations, videos, DNA upgrades, masterclass, resources and multidimensional keys

Sacred Geometry

Receive third eye activation keys of sacred geometry and learn this ancient mystical art and central universal law.

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It is time to remember who you are and come home to your soul essence!

I have spent much time traveling around the world studying with different masters ancient healing Modalities from yoga, to qigong, to mediation, sacred geometry, Reiki and the more modern technique of theta Healing. From my travels I have many stories both ancient and new, in relation to Christ however what has become evident through taking time to study with Gurus in India, Swamis and Tibetan monks, is Jesus spent much time in India studying the path of yoga and also meditation in tibet. In fact stories of Jesus’ presence can be found all around the world, where he is said to have studied In different white magic mystery school of those times, to master what is known as Christ consciousness.


Christ consciousness is a state of being that you awaken to as you move into 5D, is can also be understood as crystalline consciousness, and in more ancient times Krishna consciousness- maybe you can here the similar Christic frequency of each of these multidimensional codes of activation. These are all names for the same divine 5D state of awareness just experienced and demonstrated at different points along the human time. Christ consciousness being the next phase of our human evolution as we move into a higher dimensional state of being.


The diamond Light video school is here to assist you through this process.


I first began my awakening to Christ consciousness in 2013 when my Kundalini was awakened, over the year I have experienced several significant upgrades, including in 2016, in my first ayahuasca ceremony where I saw the planet earth moving into a new area of the universe, where great divine light flooded the planet, I was shown there was nothing we can do to stop this process, rather we are required to come home to love with in, to who we truly are at our core, to move through this process with greatest ease.


Then there was the vision I received in 2019, following a series of crystalline consciousness activations in the Himalayas, following which I first saw the divine majesty and Kingdoms of God returning to earth, uprooting all that is not in resonance to the new universal consciousness in it’s path.


I then began awakening to the Diamond light in 2020, which inspired me to create the Diamond Light video school, sharing keys, codes, meditations, video class, tools, and resources to assist your full body ascension.


The Diamond Light is an incredibly powerful tool to assist you in this process and your awakening to crystalline consciousness AKA Christ consciousness. The diamond light is one of the highest vibrational rays of light within where is is a crystalline frequency. It is incredibly powerful for assisting the awakening of your third eye and multidimensional abilities. Not to mention the upgrading of your DNA, activation of your light body, and the abundance of your highest timeline.


This is further amplified by other crystalline rays that you will find weaving through the video school, as well sacred geometry, providing you with a visual multidimensional bridge into higher dimensional awareness.


In turn naturally you become crystal clear on your soul purpose


Awakening a new found sense of deeply embodied self confidence, Heighten intuition, and a new found magic throughout your life.


If you are ready to take your spiritual awakening to the next level, activate your crystalline consciousness and light body, upgrade your multidimensional DNA and awaken to 5D, join the Diamond light Video school and rise and an unstoppable beacon of ascension.

Rise in these times as an unstoppable beacon of ascension!!!

Enrol here:

Gain 1 year access to the Diamond Light video school 
BONUS GIFT 1X90 minutes deep dive session

  • Diamond Light Academy (Full access)

    One Year Full Video school Access
    Valid for one year
    • Full Access to the video school
    • Diamond Membership Full Access
    • Abundance Academy Full Access
    • +1 X 90 minute deep dive 1:1 video call
  • Diamond Light Academy PM

    Every month
    Monthly Coaching container
    • 1 years access Diamond Light video school
    • 1:1 Weekly Coaching (4 sessions a month)
    • Voxer Coaching

"Thank you so much for hosting this course. It was so activating for me, honestly one of the more transformative workshops I have ever done. It really unlocked some artistry codes within me. Divine timing I think. Thank you for holding the space and shining light."


"Working with E Light has been a game changer. I have more confidence in myself, I have clarity on my soul purpose, and have awakened to new realms of consciousness, this has truly been a multidimensional initiation."


"Since doing the light language course I thought about places like Jerusalem and where Jesus was and I can feel the energy that was there and still there. I am starting to understand Christ consciousness In different ways I couldn’t see before."


"You designed the course so well, how wonderful it has been and how much you have inspired me. Now I know a method to connect with my emotions from my heart and create positive energy around my way. So much Love"



“I followed your steps and techniques and I am blown away, where I have been able to more than double my monthly income as a result. I never could have imagined how simple it would be as well! Last month we did 20K, this month we are on track for 30K giving me more resources to work with and time freedom, thank you so much for all!

"Listening to the vibration of her light language you feel... "

Ahh, I'm home now. Everything is fine. Rest well." 

Peace and calm comes as a natural state.

Thank you E.Light for being such a close guide and bringing us a piece of heaven to Earth."


"Your magic works so fast! I am booked out with clients following our last session, I am amazed! Thank you."


"I feel like we opened a beautiful door that leads me to unlimited potential. Working with E has had a profound effect on me. I'm already beginning to notice the subtle and profound changes.

E. gives us a powerful tool to continue working on ourselves, shows us the gateway, and helps us take the first steps towards the limitless, towards the best version of ourselves. Thank you."



"E Light is not only a powerful channeler and healer she is a multidimensional being reincarnated here to expand love consciousness on Gaia. Her ability to reflect what you need to work on and heal is tremendous and her connection with the source is simply beautiful to see and feel. Your inner love consciousness at your core starts expanding and your cells being to awaken as soon as you hear her light language. I'm so grateful to have met her and for reminding me of who I am."

“Your work is so powerful, I just had a major break through, I have so much more clarity and peace of mind. I now see clearly my soul purpose and what I am here to do, you make spiritual awakening so simple, thank you for what you do.”


"It's amazing what you have awakened within me, my anxiety has gone, I feel more embodied than ever before and the multidimensional activation you have facilitated- wow my psychic abilities have upgraded in ways I never expected. Thank you for all you have helped me see! I feel more connected to Christ where everything is so much clearer."


I fully enjoyed the Crystalline and Diamond key activations and highly recommend it. The experience is instant and the effect stays. During the session I saw visions, had bodily sensations and I was floating interdimensionally. Upgrading our DNA and light bodies is truly where we are heading as a species and Ellen's service is a gift to the planet.


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