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Awaken Your
Light body Potential

Upgrade to crystalline consciousness. It is time!!!

Make 2022 your year of awakening to the Christ consciousness within you.
Christ consciousness is Crystalline consciousness, it is the pure multidimensional consciousness one embodies as they ascend into 5D and it is the next phase of our human evolution.

Join me E Light for a 12 month journey of awakening to Universal Laws, deep innate spiritual wisdom and the crystalline consciousness template that lays dormant within you and discover your unique soul blue print and life mission in the process.


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Calling all spiritual seekers, warriors of the light, starseeds, Akashic readers, healers, and wanders. 

Are you ready to make 2022 the greatest Year of spiritual growth you have experienced to date?

Are you ready to take your multidimensional awakening to the next level? Learn to see with your third eye and develop you multidimensional vision?

I am excited to invite you on a 12 month journey of Multidimensional awakening and transformation, with the Crystalline and Diamond Rays of Light, where I will be guiding you over the period of 12 months through deep universal Laws, spiritual wisdom, truths and New Earth philosophy, facilitating your process of upgrading to your crystalline Merkabah light body DNA and consciousness.

💎 Each month receive 1 new monthly video course, consisting of 4 new video lessons, an online monthly masterclass, Light body Activation Meditation and video tutorials, Light body crystalline DNA and Diamond upgrades, energy healing, sacred geometry keys, Akashic keys, channeled multidimensional spiritual wisdom, philosophy, and so much more.


Over 12 Months You recieve:

12 video courses/
48 Video lessons

Access 4 New video classes  per month
(12 video courses total)

12 Light body Tutorial Video lesson

1 New Light body video Tutorial released each month

12 Light body Activation Meditations

1 New Light body activation meditation released each month

Monthly 1 hour Masterclass

1 New Masterclass released each month

12 New DNA Light Language Activations

1 New DOWNLOADABLE Light Language Activation released each month

Light Language Initiation Course

Life time access to our Next 16hr Light Language Initiation Course in July 2022,
become a certified light language channel

Private Members
support group

Connect with and share with a community of like minded souls

Access tons of light body activation content from the moment of enrollment

60+ additional Meditations in our Diamond & Crystal Library 

The Sacred Geometry Level 1 Initiation Course

Life time access to The Sacred Geometry Level 1 Course.

Take a peak inside of the School

Over the period of 12 months we are going to be focusing on assisting you in activating and integrating your New Earth Crystalline Light body

You will learn transformational healing processes, tools and techniques for your greater self mastery to be, whilst being provided with the New Earth Crystalline Multidimensional Light body Template.
My goal is to assist you in awakening you to the Master that is within you.
Your soul signature and blue print is unique to you, where you have your own unique gifts, purpose and soul mission. I am here to support you over the 12 month process in awakening to this and in the process truly embodying the voice and wisdom of your soul. 

The universal Laws are congruent and all encompassing, where in learning to harness and work with the universal laws and innate spiritual wisdom that lays dormant within you, and within all, life is enhanced all round.
Each month you will receive keys focused with the diamond and crystal rays of light and consciousness to facilitate this process. You will be guided month by month through weekly video classes, encoded with sacred geometry, visual activation keys, light language and philosophy, as well as through monthly meditations, masterclasses and a private support group. 

Each month we are going to be focusing with a different topic to facilitate you in upgrading to your New Earth crystalline light body and consciousness, assisting the multidimensional shift into 5D. 
You will learn transformation healing processes, and be provided with the New Earth Crystalline Template.

Each month builds upon the previous one, where through attending the full 12 month immersion course you will see the world with new eyes, by month 12, the goal is to assist you in going through a deep spiritual transformation. 

I want to see you shine! It is time.

Each month we are going to be focusing with a different topic to facilitate the multidimensional shift into 5d

The 12 monthly topics we will be exploring are:

1. Awakening world ​

2. Chakra Purification, Healing and Alignment

3. Multidimensional template of awakening

4. DNA Upgrade

5. The Light body Template 

6. God Source Healing Initiation

7. Crystalline Consciousness awakening

8. The Akashic Reset

9. Diamond Light body Upgrade

10. Energy Alchemy 

11. Harmonising YIN and YANG in Ascension

12. Kundalini Awakening and embodiment

I do believe it is your birth right to know this wisdom, which is why in 2022 I am devoting to sharing these transformational keys to New Earth with you

You will receive access to a special Diamond Members support group, where space will be held for you to share your gifts, services, voice, philosophy and abilities to the diamond community. 


💎 In addition to this you will gain access to both The Sacred Geometry Level 1 Initiation video course, as well as our the 16 hour Light Language Initiation Online course, where you have the opportunity to become one of our certified light language channels.


💎This goes without mentioning you will also get access to The School of Creations Diamond library packed full with over 60+ crystal and diamond light body activation meditations, DNA upgrades,12+ Masterclasses and many other additional resources to tune in from as soon as you enrol.I have been busy channeling an abundance of light body upgrades and wisdom for you where in 2022  we are going to be sharing this with you in a whole new light.

We will be working each month with the multidimensional keys and universal language of sacred geometry, to facilitate your visual multidimensional awakening and remembering of your higher dimensional expressions.


We will be working with both a YIN (feminine) and YANG (masculine) approach to ascension and spiritual wisdom, facilitating you in gently embodying your fully rising Kundalini through a balanced and grounded approach to multidimensional awakening.


In the process holding space for you to remember your unique soul blueprint and truly embody the wisdom of your soul and higher self.


If you do not know me, let me introduce myself I am E Light, a multidimensional being, healer, channel and New Earth pioneer. Following my Kundalini awakening 8 years ago, angels began communicating with me, their divine loving guidance, illuminating the path before me and bringing me out of a very dark space. To briefly recap for those who do not know my story, I had hit rock bottom following a life of traumatic events where I found myself at the cusp of suicide contemplating taking my own life. 

Weighing up the pros and cons of life and death, I did something I hadn't done in years and I turned to God and began to pray to be saved and for another way. Where over the months that followed I experienced my first miracle, where my Kundalini awakened and angels began communication with me, guiding me along the path of self healing and self mastery. They guided me into deep study of universal Laws and Wisdom, such as the Law of sacred geometry, the laws of vibration, frequency and attraction that apply to us all, where through my study of the universal laws and application of them, my life transformed in ways that till this day mesmerise me and have me in awe for the life. I had been so blind, where I always felt like life happened to me, rather than I create my own reality, where I went from a state of complete disempowerment and feeling I was doomed in life to a place of complete self empowerment and the knowing of my infinite potential in this lifetime.

I have since devoted my life to assisting others in remembering their power within, shining light on their unbound potential in this lifetime. My goal is to assist you in becoming your own master, where I hand you keys for your self healing and self mastery.

The universal Laws apply to all, and are the template for the whole of creation to be in this universe. Yet your perception, perspective and expression of this in yourself mastery is unique to you and this is so beautiful, this is how it was always supposed to be. This is one of the reason why we created The School of Creation as a New Earth space to share and explore the wisdom of what I believe your birthright.

The School of Creation is The Guardians School, The Guardians are the Ancient elders of humanity, they are giants of light who I am an ambassador for, where they guide and oversee the wisdom that we share in the school. Our goal above and beyond it all and at the centre of all wisdom, is to remind you of the God source that is within you. The same God source that resides within you, resides within all and not only this, is all. That same God source within you is the divine creator of universes, so with that in mind, your potential truly is unbound and this is one of the keys I am here to remind you of.

So I invite you to join me for a year of remembering, multidimensional awakening, and in truly embodying to the wisdom of your soul and of your birth right.

1 Year Diamond Membership + Bonus gifts
Bonus Gifts Include Sacred Geometry Level 1 Initiation and Light Language initiation in 2022 

Crystal Application form

Or 3 monthly Payments of 199€

For the 3 months the cost will be a total of 597€ for full year access to the diamond membership + bonuses (Bonus gifts Include Sacred Geometry Level 1 Initiation & Light Language Initiation in 2022)

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
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