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Crystal Keys

Upgrade your new Earth Light body in Crystalline Consciousness with powerful life changing keys of transformation
UNLOCK this powerful bundle of crystalline key and practises for your ascension

Learn a life secret changing pranayama practise, 
Access a diamond plasma light body activation meditation
Receive a bonus Crystalline consciousness Masterclass and activation

To Ignite your Light and truly embody your multidimensionality, wisdom of your soul and higher self
Secret Pranayama breath work tutorial

Downloadable Diamond Plasma Light body Activation Meditation

BONUS Crystalline Light body activation Masterclass

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Your Multidimensional
Awakening is here!

Welcome beautiful soul

Are you looking to Upgrade to your New Earth Lightbody?

Let's Go for it! Ascension is here!!
I am super excited that you are here and ready to upgrade, if you want to discover powerful and deeply transformational keys of awakening then this is for you.

The Keys to you new earth light body and greater self mastery are within you where I am here to assist you in awakening to the wisdom of your soul and higher self and truly discovering your soul blueprint and what you came here to do.

You are powerful beyond what you have been told great wisdom your DNA does behold. It's time to awaken to you are here to be and activate your new earth crystalline Light body"


The diamond Membership
will support you IN:

💎 Christ Consciousness Awakening
💎 Crystalline consciousness Awakening

💎 DIamond Light Awakening
💎 Learning to Channel Light Language
💎Self Healing and Self Mastery
💎 Spiritual Ascension
💎 Source Consciousness Connection

💎 Learning to see Multidimensionally
💎 Activating your New Earth Merkabah Light Body
💎 DNA Upgrade
💎 Learning the Universal Laws
💎 Learning Sacred Geometry
💎 Discovering your Soul Blueprint
💎 Awakening the Voice of Your soul
💎 Igniting your Light
Hello beautiful soul, I am E Light, a multidimensional being, healer, channel and New Earth pioneer. My Kundalini was awakened 8 years ago, where angels began communication with me and guided me along the path of self healing and self mastery. The angels shared with me powerful life changing tools of transformation, assisting in awakening to my authentic truth and uncovering my soul blueprint. I now devote my life sharing with you the powerful tools of transformation that I myself have worked with, so you to can awaken, discover your soul blueprint, authentic truth, heal yourself self and truly live the life that you came here to.


Reality is I haven't always walked the spiritual path. Prior to my awakening I was a victim to my reality, and found myself immersed in darkness, literally rock bottom not wanting to live anymore. God saved me by sending me angels, and I awakened to the beauty of life and the universal Laws that influence us all. In learning to consciously tap into and harness the universal Laws and wisdom of my soul, I have been able to heal myself and assist many other along their awakening journey. Where ultimately I am here to awaken you to the master that is within you. All of the keys that I share can be applied by you through your own self mastery to truly ignite and step into who you are here to be.

Today I travel the world the creator of my reality, I am free and I wish for you to also be. I invite you in 2022 to join me in a year of awakening where I will be sharing with you wisdom keys to help you see multidimensionality and facilcaite shift into 5D.
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