Many years have passed we have been waiting for this time that has long been destined.


now the grand plan for the humanity is coming into fruition.

The Light of the most high is to be ignited 

in the heart of all

who humble enough to receive it. 

In the heart of all

in divine remembrance of the love

in which you eternally are.

in the heart of all

who honor the divine of the most high

in all self and in all of creation.

in the heart of all who are ready to receive it.


we bestall upon the great wisdom

to be decoded and discovered for it has been written

that god has been born on earth once more,

and god shall reign tall on earth once more.

let it be known The guardians have returned

and we are the tall ones. 

Porthole 2.jpg

Tap into the guardian frequency

Warm Greetings

beloved soul

we are the guardians

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